About Coach Bob Hill

Bob is more than a coach. It is easy and feels natural to relate to Bob. He has a wide understanding of things, which makes him not only a great coach, but also interesting person. His no-judgemental attitude encourages openness and trust to share details of the situation and work on it more efficiently. I recommend Bob as a coach also for the spaciousness in the atmosphere he creates while in the session, following the client’s needs.
Joanna Pilatowicz
Berlin, Germany

He is a good listener without judgement and I feel that he genuinely works from his heart and really wants to help me. He is the first person I could open my heart to with no shame.
Thank you Bob
Malika Naissi

Bob is an active listener! He will help you focus on what you choose to focus on, and keep you accountable to yourself and your goals. His questions respectfully nudge you to think hard about what is getting in your way of your own growth.
Laurie Johnson, B.F.A., P.P.C.C.
Life Balance & Wellness Coach

You would be fortunate to have Bob Hill as your coach. His listening skills enabled me to explore issues with ease and he always asked the questions that prompted a new perspective. I felt at ease because of his caring nature and felt that he intuitively understood my needs. He encouraged my personal growth and understanding. He is the coach to hire!
Michelle Wuyak, Professional Coach
Follansbee, WV

Bob is a phenomenal coach.
He has truly helped me to move forward with taking the necessary steps to starting my business. He has provided a conducive environment for growth, as well as holding me accountable for the task at hand. I enjoy working with him and recommend him to anyone looking to accomplish goals or make changes in their life.
Thanks Bob for your continued support.
Alicia Roberson, LPC, ACC
Licensed Professional Counselor/Empowerment Coach

When I started working with Bob, I had 4 unfinished pieces of business to deal with. One was so bad I didn't even tell Bob about it until our third session together. Over 3 months Bob coached me and the knowledge that he was there for me made everything happen. Currently, 3 of the tasks are complete -- including the worst one -- and I am finishing the 4th one.
David Jenkins, Author.

Working with Bob was one of best things I could have done. He work’s in such a way that is both patient and to the point. I highly recommend Bob Hill as a personal life coach.”
Greg Halpen, CTACC
The Gay Guy's Love Coach

With Bob’s careful listening and open ended questioning, he didn’t simply give me confidence; he guided me to find it for myself. Now I will always know where it is should it ever wander off again!
Michele Rousseau, HypnoCoach & Life Coach
Middletown, CT.

I highly recommend Coach Bob! After our first session, I found his coaching style very comfortable. He is easy to talk to and his reflective listening encouraged me to really challenge and question myself. When our conversation ended, I felt energized to make progress toward the goals I identified during our call. Ultimately, a life coach will only help you as much as you are willing to help yourself. If you are willing to really dig in and find a fulfilling life, a life you deserve, Coach Bob will guide you on that journey.
Thank you so much for all your help,
Nash Bazyan.
Freno, Ca.

Man, you were an answer to my prayers! I prayed and asked God to send me a smart, wise, and well seasoned coach, and he chose you! Ever since I've met you I have seen nothing but productivity in all the areas of my life. I am off to starting my own business and my life has so much more value to it. Thanks to you I prize my time and really work on organizing every area of my life. You're the Best, Bob!
God bless.
Natasha Stallworth
Montgomery, Al

Terrific coaching...Exactly what I needed to get my life going again...
Khim Martin

It has been an interesting and rewarding journey. With the help of my Coach, Bob Hill, together we have discovered behaviors that have been counterproductive in my life. Finding them is one thing, correcting them is quite another. My coach showed me a different approach to the same old problems. There are several key points I will take away with me thanks to him. One in particular was a turning point in our conversations. He asked me “What would it look like if you…?” With that question, I was encouraged to take a hard look at my present thinking and then look at what it would look like after I changed an attitude or behavior.
Now I have a tool that will continue to assist me the next time I encounter a road block. With this simple question I am able to look beyond my current circumstances when I envision what I really want it to look like instead! Thanks Bob!
Bob was very perceptive and asked very good questions. He was always professional and personable. He reminded me when I would slip into a negative thinking pattern that has a tendency to make me miserable, that I really didn't have to be miserable at all!
What a great experience. I would highly recommend Bob to any of you clients.
Thanks to Bob, for opening a door and holding my hand as I walked through it. I really needed it.
Lou Ann Wilcox
San Jose, Ca.